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in the beginning

We created Drunk Chicks by experimenting with our brand new pellet smoker.   We stumbled across a recipe and decided to test the mythical "Beer Can Chicken" method of cooking.  It became an obsession for us. We then created an entire restaurant dedicated to Beer Can Chicken. Most bbq places are not only known for good bbq but known for their unique sauces.  We shifted our focus to developing unique craft sauces that paired best with Beer Can Chicken. After extensive recipe testing, the original seven sauces were created! Our plan was to open a ghost kitchen, which is a virtual restaurant that is usually dedicated to a simplified menu. At this moment, we had a phenomenal product and a small menu written that was perfect for this style of restaurant.

dream turned reality

As we were brainstorming many different names for our ghost kitchen concept but there was only one name that we kept going back to, Drunk Chicks.  It really highlighted the method of cooking! After agreeing on our concept's name, we hired a designer to draw a drunk chicken.  They created the worst designs ever! Overhearing our frustrations, our 13 year old niece, Jasmine, started to draw on her phone in a paint program.  10 minutes later, the idea became reality and Drunk Chicks Chicken was born! Our logo conveys our want for a fun and playful concept. 

listen to the people

We opened Drunk Chicks' ghost kitchen in September of 2020. The consistent feedback was that we need to bottle our sauces! We had quickly outgrown the space we were in. During our search for an actual brick and mortar location, we kept on getting calls about our sauces. Our customers couldn't go without it! We did a refrigerated small batch that sold out in one day.  Then the second "larger" refrigerated small batch sold out in four days. Basically you told us what to do and we are listening to YOU! You are the reason why we have come this far! 

Coming soon, our sauces will be available for sale in stores and online! We look forward to you giving our sauces a try!